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Learning guitar is an accomplishment which is many peoples bucket list but for many they don’t have time or money to dedicate towards the hobby. There are many options that do make learning guitar easier with in person lessons in your home city, free videos on YouTube and then picking up online guitar lessons. Which one is the best though and more importantly does it make a difference? I personally use GuitarGuru for my online guitar lessons and tips.

In Person Lessons

Sitting down with a teacher in person is a great way to learn guitar. You will get the teacher undivided attention, they will give you personalised tips and feedback to you instantly if your going wrong or if your picking up some bad habits i your playing style. Though, the sessions can be very expensive and once the session is done your on your own till the next one. Many beginner guitarists will go for a block of 5 or 10 lin person lessons and then supplement them with online guitar lessons – see below!

YouTube Guitar Lessons

We have all been there at 3am watching the 88th funny video of the day not realising what time it is! YouTube also has some fairly good guitar tutorials and training vidoes. You can often find a lessons specific to a song or technique. Often though, these videos don’t really help you learn how to play, they simply help you remember a how to do something very specific. In other words the quality of lessons on YouTube varies dramatically, most teachers themselves have very bad playing habits and at the end of the day you still won’t really know how to play guitar.

Online Guitar Lessons

A combination of online lessons and in person lessons is often the best way to actually learn the guitar. Reasons for that are the same as in person lessons but if you get the best online guitar lessons you will have access to structured guitar training which is aimed at your specific level, provides you with on-demand lessons and is always available. Online lessons are essentially you in person teacher on your computer. There online providers are also well trained guitarists themselves so you don’t have any of the problems you would encounter with free YouTube lessons.

Does it really matter?

Hell Yeah! Making sure you learn guitar properly will stand you in good stead. Even if you just want to jam away on your own in the evenings then making sure you have the foundations and a solid set of skills is very important. If you don’t learn properly then you will for ever find things a little difficult but if you learn guitar with a structured training course then things will becomes second nature. Driving a car is a great example, you got a structured set of lessons to learn to drive and it was difficult to begin with but these days you don’t think about it.